We offer full decommissioning services for abandoned monitoring wells and other types of water wells not in service. The well abandonment process depends upon its original installation. Monitoring wells should be filled with sealant material from the bottom to the top. This more dense mixture displaces any water present in the well and fills the hole completely. In some cases, pressure grouting may be used as an extra safeguard when there is a considerable cross contamination risk. This process pumps the sealant material into the well under pressure to ensure the most complete seal. Owen's Drilling Ltd. has certified well technicians with the expertise to deal with every possible water well abandonment situation, and bring them up to BCGWA standards.

The Drop on Water..............Well Decommissioning

Decommissioning a well means to permanently fill in and seal it, eliminating is as a source of water. Improperly constructed, unused, or contaminated wells that are beyond repair must be properly decommissioned according to the Water Well Decommissioning Guidelines.

Fill it and Seal it

Wells no longer in use must be properly decommissioned; otherwise the unused wells may contaminate the aquifer.

Decommissioning a Well

  • Ensures the safety of those in the vicinity of the well
  • Prevents surface water infiltration into an aquifer via the well
  • Prevents the vertical movement of water within a well
  • Conserves aquifer yield